I heard about your loss and I’m sorry to hear it. I know the empty space she’s left behind won’t ever be filled as much again but I’m sure she’s running around in doggy heaven having the time of her life once again. I hope she didn’t suffer and that it was a peaceful goodbye.

Thankyou so much… your kindness means a lot right now❤️ I need to keep celebrating the good life she had and smile because of all the amazing moments she gave me and my family, and my friends. So when I cry, I remind myself of the good that she gave me and I smile because I will never forget how lucky I am to have had her. She went peacefully away early in the morning, at the foot of my bed. From where I sit on my veranda I can see her flower spot and every morning I sit and have a cup of tea and talk to her❤️ Thankyou again so much for your empathy❤️

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