This adorable Australian Shepherd is Toby
and while at first glance he may appear to look like any other
Australian Shepherd but Toby is special – he has two noses! He was
discovered wandering the streets of Fresno, California, and was picked
up by a rescue group. However, the so-called rescue group considered him
unadoptable and were ready to put him to sleep. That was until Todd
Ray, a man who owns a number of animals with birth defects, adopted him
and made him a member of his family.

Parasitic wasp larvae hatching from inside the living caterpillar host. The
female wasp will oviposit into the host’s body. The larvae will feed
inside the host until they are ready to pupate. Quite often the host is
dead by that point but if not, then the parasitoid will often eat its
way out of the host.

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds

In a remote stretch of rainforest on Canada’s Pacific coast, a unique population of wolves has taken to a life of the sea.

Along the wild Pacific coast of British Columbia – a misty wonderland of
craggy glacier-gouged shores and temperate rainforest – there lives a
population of wolves genetically and behaviorally distinct from the
rest. They’ve traded in deer and sheep and mountain goats for the bounty
of the sea. They’ve been known to swim up to eight miles to get from
the mainland to an island; they live on barnacles and herring roe, seals
and dead whales. Some 90 percent of their food comes directly from the

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds