Insect Correspondences

Spider – Connections, communication, raised awareness
Potato bug –  Protection,closure, seclusion
Beetle – Beauty, glamour, self esteem
Ant – Community, sacrifice, team building
Grasshopper – Movement, invisibility, speed
Bee – Strength, travel, success, bounty
Moth – Light, searching, journey, growth
Butterfly – Death, rebirth, beauty, humble beginnings
Fly – Greed, satisfaction, hunger
Cockroach – Survival, drive, fighting, stubbornness
Mosquito – Blood, reliance, self sufficiency
Lady bug – Charity, kindness, friendliness
Snail – Determination, slow growth, development

The Cordyceps Fungus

This parasitic fungus preys on insects, slowly invading and
overtaking its host. Some Cordyceps species can exact a degree of mind
control on its victim, forcing them to climb up high in their last
moments so the Cordyceps’ spores can fall down on more victims below.