Insect Correspondences

Spider – Connections, communication, raised awareness
Potato bug –  Protection,closure, seclusion
Beetle – Beauty, glamour, self esteem
Ant – Community, sacrifice, team building
Grasshopper – Movement, invisibility, speed
Bee – Strength, travel, success, bounty
Moth – Light, searching, journey, growth
Butterfly – Death, rebirth, beauty, humble beginnings
Fly – Greed, satisfaction, hunger
Cockroach – Survival, drive, fighting, stubbornness
Mosquito – Blood, reliance, self sufficiency
Lady bug – Charity, kindness, friendliness
Snail – Determination, slow growth, development

Drosera Venusta has stalked glands that secrete sweet mucilage to attract and
ensnare insects and enzymes to digest them, and
sessile glands that absorb the resulting nutrient soup. Insects and small prey are attracted by the sweet
secretions of the peduncular glands. Upon touching these, the prey
become entrapped by sticky mucilage which prevents their progress or
escape. Eventually, the prey either succumb to death through exhaustion
or through asphyxiation as the mucilage envelops them and clogs their