Planets i learned about via youtube while procrastinating my english essay

Planet 55 Cancri e is basically a giant diamond. like the planet is a diamond. and it would be worth $26.9 nonillion

Planet Gliese 436 b is an ice planet that is constantly on fire do to
its close proximity to its parent star. the ice doesn’t melt bc the
planet’s gravity is so strong it physically prevents the ice from

Planet HD 189733b rains sideways glass…. constantly

Planet J1407-B has planetary rings that are 200x the size of saturn.
if saturn’s ring were as big as J1407-B’s we’d be able to see them with
our naked eye from earth AND they would dominate our sky and look larger
than a full moon

Planet Wasp-12b rotates so close to its parent star that its slowly being consumed by the it

Planet Gliese 581c is one of the candidates for a planet that can
support life however it orbits a tiny dwarf star and is tidally locked
so one side is constantly subject to immense sunlight while the other is
constantly in darkness. there’s a small area of the planet however,
that is just the right temp to support life. u just can’t step out of
said area. the skies are red and the plants would have be a black color
instead of a green bc they would use infrared light for photosynthesis.
(a message was actually sent to the planet in 2008 in hopes that there’s
life on the planet but the message wont reach the planet until 2029).

Planet GJ 1214b is a water planet nicknamed “water world” is has no
land at all and the water is so deep it goes down miles all the way to
the planet’s core.

Planet Wasp-17b is the largest planet discovered thus far. its so
large its existence contradicts our understanding of how planets are
formed. and it has a retrograde orbit, so it orbits in the opposite
direction of its parent star.

Planet HD 188753 has 3 suns you should have triple shadows and there
would be almost daily eclipses. and no matter which direction u face on
the planet u would always see a sunset

Planet HD106906b is the loneliest planet discovered thus far. its
known as “super jupiter” bc its 11x bigger than jupiter. it orbits its
parent star at a distance of 60 billion miles (which is v strange) hence
why its the loneliest planet.

Planet Tres 2b is the darkest planet known. it reflects less than 1%
of light (it reflects less light than coal and black acrylic paint). the
tiny part of the planet that does reflect light is red making the
planet glow a dim red.

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